How do we create Paramo Roots brand ?

Our History

Paramo Roots was created in Quito, Ecuador.

Everything is inspiration on deep reflections on how we could show to the whole world what represents us. From the place where we were born.

This is how Paramo Roots was born. Contemplating the beauty of the Andes, it is the mountains and their beautiful landscapes that day by day motivate us to keep moving forward in this incredible path that is life.

Our motivation is you, connecting with people around the world through the same thought. This is what we reflect in each garment we design.

Each piece has been crafted by artisans committed to demonstrate their incredible talent, using alpaca wool and sheep wool.

The inspiration for each garment was created by our incredible team in the city of Otavalo, Ecuador.

Ecuador is one of the countries that manufactures alpaca and sheep wool, using tools that are still the tradition of our ancestors.


Handmade with love 🖤 for you


Paramo Roots Team